Revit Architecture Training: How It Prepares Students for Future of Design?

The domain of architecture and building design has witnessed drastic changes. The process of planning, designing, and documenting building concepts is quite different compared to what it was decades ago. With facility owners demanding quick turnarounds, minimal waste, and increased efficiency in their projects, there is a huge shift from uncoordinated 2D CAD documentation design workflow to a purely integrated BIM model-based approach involving all key participants during early design stages. To keep up with this industry shift, forward-looking architectural practices are embracing the 3D parametric-model based workflows and to do this effectively, they are looking to recruit architects and building design technicians proficient with BIM tools, such as Revit Architecture. This significant industry shift is reason enough for the architectural students to take up Revit Architecture training courses and build a solid foundation for the future.

Whilst Revit Architecture is an application that helps implement building information modelling (BIM) workflow, gaining an in-depth and industry-oriented knowledge of this application either by taking up asynchronous online training lessons or by joining Autodesk-certified Revit training classes provides budding architects an edge and helps them stay relevant to the needs of the AEC industry as outlined below:

1. Obtain Insight into the World of BIM

It is important for architecture students to gain a working knowledge of Revit and get an insight into how the modern BIM-based construction documentation techniques reshape the responsibilities of architects and designers. As opposed to students who are proficient with 2D CAD-based documentation workflows, hands-on knowledge of Revit can place you at a vantage point and prepare for the future of building design and construction processes involving BIM.

2. Get Appointed for Reputed Internship Programs

Undertaking professional Revit Architecture training courses makes students suitable for short internship programs conducted by reputed design firms. As these programs are managed by renowned and forward-thinking architectural firms, they seek highly talented and multifaceted interns who are well-prepared for modern design workflows, processes, and challenges. Whereas other students with conventional 2D CAD-based design know-how find increasingly difficult to bag exciting internship programs, those with industry-standard Revit training appropriately fit the bill.

3. Solve Challenges Related to Design Intent Communication

Many architectural students find it more tasking to communicate their design intent than to develop concepts and create building designs from scratch. As an architect, conveying your design intent to the project participants, including owners, MEP engineers, contractors, and fabricators, is one of the most crucial skills of this profession. Formal completion of Autodesk-certified Revit training classes exposes the student to parametric model-based design development and construction documentation techniques. Depending on the depth of the information embedded in the model, the students can extract different views, plans, and sections of their choice to effectively exhibit their designs. In addition to design documentation, Revit makes it possible to render high-quality 3D graphics and animations.

4. Learn Key Nuances Beyond Design

Apart from helping architects realise their core responsibilities, including master planning, concept development, detailed design development, and construction documentation, Revit training provides valuable insight into quantity take-offs, risk management, scheduling (4D), cost estimation (5D) and phase-wise construction simulation. An understanding of these concepts at early stages of an architect’s career is invaluable and contributes towards making him prepared for interdisciplinary coordination in the future.

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Video Game Designer and Other Hot Jobs For 2010 and Beyond

Many kids today spend thousands of hours playing video games. Progressing from GameBoys(TM), to GameCubes(TM), Wii(TM) and XBox(TM), to the final frontier of the Massive Multiplayer Online games, it looks to have taken over their life. Is there a way to capitalize on this obsession and find a career that is equally (or at least almost) as appealing? Take up the quest and discover a brave new world of future jobs that video game geeks might really love.

Video Game Designer

First and foremost, of course, is the job of creating video games themselves. The facts are these: the video game industry has surpassed movies in terms of the dollar value generated. Amazing! Not only is this industry continuing to expand, but it also appears to be relatively recession proof. What does it take to have a career in video game creation? First, you need to understand that there is not just one kind of video game job out there, but many. It takes a team of people with multiple talents to pull off the creation of an exciting new game. The jobs and skills involved include artists

– storyboard artist, character artist, animator, texture artists, programmers, including sound and audio engineers, game designers

– character design, level design, overall design, game producers –

project management skills, and writers

– software documentation, storytelling, character scripts.

There has been a recent explosion in colleges, technical institutes and certificate programs to help you get the skills you need to get into this industry. While I was researching this industry, though, I found out that there are a lot of other up and coming careers that use a lot of the same skills and may be equally appealing.

Simulation Engineer

Just as the job of the video game designer and programmer is to make a convincing virtual world, there is a “real life” application of this for a number of industries- simulations. At one college they talked about how some students were using electrical impulses from the heart to render 3 dimensional images of the heart in real time to help doctors examine what could be wrong. At RPI they are working on creating a simulation of a surgical procedure for doctors to get practice before they cut someone open! Beyond medical applications, simulations are gaining ground in aerospace, automotive engineering, and many other industries. Of course, the military has been interested in simulation for a very long time. Some of the college video game degree programs are recognizing this trend and have added “simulation” into the title of their program (for example, Daniel Webster Colleges’ “Gaming, Simulation and Robotics” BS degree or the University of Baltimore’s “Simulation and Digital Entertainment” degree). Scientists, engineers, defense planners and educators all use simulation to facilitate their jobs.

Mobile Application Developer

Another huge career trend is the explosion of applications for all kinds of other devices. Just look at the iPhone or the iTouch. What can’t these things do? Creating content, software applications and who knows what else for all kinds of mobile devices is hot. So “Mobile Application Developer” is a career that is here now and will expand in the future. This is also a career that colleges and universities are already recognizing. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute offers a degree in “Electronic Media Arts and Communication”; Worcester Polytechnic Institute offers “Interactive Media and Game Development”. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has a BS in “New Media and Interactive Development”; Champlain College offers a degree in “Software Engineering for Emergent Technologies”.

Computer Forensics and Cyber Security

The other really hot area highlighted at colleges like RIT is computer forensics and cyber security specialists. You only have to listen to the latest news about hackers stealing 135 million credit card numbers to see why these are hot job areas. Computer forensic specialists work with criminal justice folks to dig into all the computerized records and data associated with criminal cases. We are only going to get more connected in the future, making us even bigger targets. If you like figuring out how to get around what someone else made, why not consider putting your talents to good use for everyone’s benefit? DePaul University offers a degree in “Information Assurance and Security Engineer”; RIT has “Information Security and Forensics”, while Champlain college offers “Computer and Digital Forensics”.

These careers are real, growing, and educational resources are available now! If you are a gamer, or if you know a gamer, there are cool careers to get into. The US Department of Labor predicts that IT jobs will be among the fastest growing and highest paying over the next decade. These jobs will be critical to the nation’s economy and security, and offer the highest entry level salaries with a bachelor’s degree of any out there. Check them out, and look into the schools and programs that most excite you.

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Articulate Storyline Development Offers Best E-Learning Experience

Learning is a continuous process for any individual or an organization to become successful in this competitive world and with the help of our e-learning solutions this process can be made simple and effortless with the training courses designed by using the best tools to make them engaging , energizing and also interactive for everyone to understand the new concepts and materialize their vision. We partner with organizations looking for best e-learning solutions that are built with an emphasis on knowledge, mobility, convenience and consistency in delivering results.

So to make the e-learning process simplified for a novice or a professional to enjoy the learning process we use different tools like flash, articulate storyline development, Lectora, captivate, knowledge presenter, camtasia and so on each offering unique features to make the learning process a wonderful experience. As you check out the articulate storyline development process it is done in the articulate studio which is wonderful software that is extensively being used in the e-learning industry to develop different courses and teaching methods. There is lot of demand for this software in the e-learning industry which use power point as an interface to create the e-learning applications in no time. The power point is transformed into an engaging course that helps learners to easily get connected using interactive learning tools like animations and quizzes which can also be translated into different languages ​​and customization options for the templates.

On this platform the articulate storyline development further offers an inspirational learning experience to the participants which are being used in different fields by the e-learning companies. So with the articulate storyline development even those who hardly has any knowledge in the subject can easily understand what is being discussed right away with interactive tools and solutions displayed in the form of slides. We promise that you can easily access templates, tips, tutorials, free downloads etc from the articulate storyline platform along with many new features that you can add as part of the e-learning process. There are drag and drop interactions, screen recording, quizzing etc and on completion of the course the contents can directly be published to HTML5, Flash, iOS can circulate on the web.

Moreover, the e-learning tools offered by us are compatible not only for the systems but also for the mobile learning solutions offering best services to the companies looking forward to use our expertise in offering you the learning management solutions.

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Insurance Coverage For Golf Carts – Unleash The Secrets You Do Not Know

If you are a golfer and happy with homeowner’s policy, then think again. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might not protect you when you go out there on the greens and trails. In fact, you need a specially devised insurance coverage for golf carts.

There is a big difference between the coverage when you buy appropriate insurance policy. Well, you are not going to use your golf cart inside your home to travel from dining to bedroom or kitchen to patio. You need adequate protection especially when you are out on your wheels. Some prominent instances when your homeowner’s insurance fails to protect you are

• You meet an accident while riding cart and incur medical expenses

• Your cart slides from the trailer while driving on road

• Golf cart stolen

• Your driving cart injures someone

However, applying for an insurance coverage for carts has answers to these concerns and of course peace of mind for you.

What Do You Expect – Be Rational Yet A Lot More Is Available Than You Expect

A perfect insurance policy for your cart has a lot more to deliver and it is indeed designed to cover all your needs for protection. In addition, insurance service providers offer extended protection on the ride’s parts like stereo or headlight by adding riders to the policy. Some prominent coverage types available are

• Comprehensive Insurance Coverage – This type of coverage typically protects your golf cart from all types of non-collision damages. Such coverage covers loss from the occurrence of theft or fire. Insurance service providers offer comprehensive coverage based on the total price of the cart, year of the manufacture, and many such cost-governing factors.

• Collision Insurance Coverage – As the name explains, this type of coverage protects you during a loss due to a collision. This coverage is good especially during instances like when you collide with another cart or any other object for that matter.

• Bodily Injury Liability Coverage – This type of coverage helps to cover the loss due to bodily injury to another person. You may not pay medical expenses for the person from your pocket when you are covered with bodily injury liability insurance coverage.

• Property Damage Liability Coverage – This type of insurance coverage protects you when you are responsible for payment for loss due to accident. Damages to cars, house, or the other person’s assets are protected by the coverage.

Some Questions You Must Ask Your Insurance Agent Before Signing Policy

Insurance Coverage For Golf Carts is an important aspect and you need to buy it with care. Well, do not sign any document unless you ask following questions to your insurance agent and get satisfactory answers for the same.

• What is ideal medical and liability coverage for you?

• What is the highest affordable amount you can pay in case of loss due to theft or accident?

• What discounts are available to you?

• What is the standard procedure for filing a claim?

• What is the duration required for settling a claim?

• What add-ons or riders are available for me to enhance the coverage?

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Guitar Books – Three Music Theory Books For Guitarists

Sooner or later any serious guitarist comes to realize that a solid theoretical background is the only way forward. Your ear can only take you so far, that’s when your musical theory can kick in and remove any musical obstacles in your way to fully expressing yourself.

Seems pretty straight forward… just go to the music shop and pick up a theory book and away we go; away we go alright… pick up the wrong book and you’ll end up more confused than you ever were before.

Musical fact of life # 1: Not all theory books are created equal.

I remember when I started my first job, it was at a music store teaching music; I had a bit of a reputation as a player in the local area playing in dance bands etc., and since I had already sold quite a bit of musical equipment for the music store based on my track record they thought I would be the obvious choice; if

the store had a potential guitar or amp customer they would leave a message with my mum, then after school I would go down to the store and demonstrate the gear.

Everything started out fine, I stumbled and fumbled my way through the guitar lessons, I’m not sure who learnt the most me or my students I know I learnt heaps everyday mostly about how not to teach.

Anyway, very early in the piece the store manager informed me that if I was going to continue teaching for the store I would need to be “qualified”; I didn’t know exactly what that entailed but it did sound scary

As it turned out what he meant was I needed to be formally qualified… just being able to play the guitar was not good enough if I was going to teach guitar for them.

The good news was they were going to pay for my lessons so that was neat… there was even more good news I could go to the theory lessons instead of having to work at the shop.

So I began my theory lessons and very soon became frustrated, confused and perplexed… things I knew worked on the bandstand the night before didn’t match up with the theory lesson the next day.

The more confused I became the more determined I was about finding the “truth”; so I started studying with other teachers to augment my “paid” lessons from the music store… boy, did that make matters worst; it seemed as if each theory teacher had their own slant on things many basic concepts did not match up.

Long story short… after a lot of playing, thinking and research I discovered….

Musical fact of life # 2: there are different types of theory… in fact there are three distinct types of theory: classical, jazz and rock/blues!

These are very broad categories they are all important and the complete musician needs to be aware of their similarities and differences.

They world is full of traditional classical theory books so I won’t discuss them here. Modern theory as applied to improvisation and the music of our time is what I’m about… it’s great to know what happened 400 years ago but it’s unlikely to help you secure that rock gig next Friday night,

Here’s my top three modern theory books for guitarists

Title: Modern Method For Guitar – By William Leavitt (Berklee Press)

Available from:

Overview: if you want to get in on the ground floor and study guitar and theory as applied to the guitar fretboard, this is the place to start!

Available in three volumes; the first sixty pages of volume one covers the basics of reading music in the first position of the guitar.

Part two of Berklee volume one introduces the five standard fingering patterns for reading music over the fretboard.

Title: Jazz Studies – by Bruce Clarke (ed clinch v.i.s.e text)

Available from:

Overview:A fantastic book that takes off were the Berklee book volume one finishes; the Jazz Studies book is ideal to use in conjunction with Berklee Volume two.

Fantastic explanations of how modes, cycle 5 and cycle 7 concepts work Jazz studies is a great introduction into the world of improvisation, if you have studied traditional theory this book will “blow the lid off” how you look at theory. Step by step instruction, very easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Title: “See It – Hear It / Hear It – Play It” – by Dick Grove

Available from:

Overview:A complete course with DVD/text instruction from the man himself Dick Grove, you could easily pay $100,000 in college instruction and never get this type of tuition.

Everyone learns differently the DVD’s bring the written text to life helping to maintain the student’s motivation and enthusiasm. Any one of these individual courses or combination of all three theory texts will clear the way for you to express yourself on the guitar.

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Airsoft – A Good Recreational Activity

Airsoft is mainly a recreational activity where mock-up fire-arms which shoot round, plastic pellet. Airsoft guns can be a personal collection or it can be used for proficient training purposes. Airsoft games seriously vary in style and composition depending on the location, budget and the number of participants. But frequently it depends on the ranges, from short-term skirmishes and organized situations to military simulations and historical reenactments. The combat situation on the battlefield essentially uses common military tactics to accomplish the objectives set in the game. Participants, in general use varying types of airsoft weaponry along with either real or fake military gears or uniforms.

Airsoft guns in general look like real Firearms. The firearms are separated to three groups: the Spring Powered BB guns, the Electric Powered Machine guns and the Gas-powered or the CO2 Airsoft rifles. There is an array of shapes and sizes. There are revolvers, Pistols, Snipers or Rifles which has a selection of changeable trigger, power velocity, shockproof and multiple shot features which is simply irresistible for an avid Airsoft rifle shooter.

An example of a spring powered gun is the AA-957C which uses 6mm ammunition and has semi-automatic action. The corners of the sight are smooth for use in holsters. A WA-A10-CH3181 is an example of a Electric Powered gun. This gun could shoot 300 FPS. And the PA-J05355NS2 is an example of a Gas Powered gun. It is made of metal and ABS plastic giving it a powerful and weighty feel.

In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy the energy limit for Airsoft guns is One joule or 100m/s with 0.20g, 6 mm BB. Majority of the Airsoft guns are able to shoot from 50 m/s to 125 m/s. But it is also possible to purchase upgraded internals for some Airsoft guns that could shoot up to 180 m/s.

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Xoco Slim Review

If you have been trying to lose weight and you did not know how, here is a new weight loss guide for you: the Xoco Slim program is a video guide that teaches you things you did not know about dieting and weight loss, and gives you a new diet to follow. The most interesting part is that the creator of this video course has come up with a new chocolate recipe you can make at home, which is both healthy and helpful in dieting.

1. The Xoco Slim Plan.

The basic food plan of the program includes numerous healthy foods. The video course will give you a full plan you can follow. The ingredients and foods for the daily diet can be bought at the local stores and supermarkets and are inexpensive as well. The video course also teaches you how a wholesome diet can help avoid that annoying feeling of constant hunger as in other diets. The food plan consists of many different options, therefore you will not get bored.

2. The Xoco Slim Program Supplements.

The program comes with some natural and healthy supplements. These Chinese healthy pills cannot be found at the local stores though, therefore you need to order them online; the price of the pills is approximately $ 40 and will last you for 1,5 – 2 months.

3. The Xoco Slim Program Recipes.

The program provides you with the recipe for a homemade chocolate that you can snack on when you feel hungry. The ingredients of the recipe consist of coconut oil, cacao powder and yacon syrup, which is a kind of natural sweetener. The recipe is very easy to make and will not take more than ten minutes. This chocolate might not taste as nice and sweet as the known junk food chocolate you can buy at any store, but the ingredients are healthy and will boost your body with their antioxidants abilities.

4. So Is The Xoco Slim Any Good?

If you want to lose weight the natural way, combining healthy food and exercising, this program is good for you. Do not expect miracles, though. Weight loss needs effort and dedication.

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Illinois State Police Office – Pontiac, Illinois – Historic Buildings and Architecture

Just south of Pontiac on Old U.S. Route 66 is an Illinois State Police Office, now abandoned, that was built during World War II and served as the Illinois State Police District 6 headquarters until it was vacated in 2004. The Art Moderne (closely related to Art Deco) building gives off a sleek, streamlined look through its use of glass bricks, curved corners and smooth surfaces.

The structure is a relatively recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places, added on March 7, 2007. The rural setting is particularly appealing. The building stands on the abandoned southbound lanes of Old Route 66, a stretch of the Mother Road that is itself recognized by the National Register, while the northbound lane is still in use as a two-lane highway going both directions. The roadbed was discussed .in another article you can view at my website or here on Ezinearticles

Sleek Art Moderne elements add a futuristic feel to the building.

The glass bricks around the entrance really give the building that futuristic feel, imagine the impact in 1941. I have loved glass bricks as an architectural element ever since I was a small child, we had a few in our basement windows.

Smooth surfaces are another of the Art Moderne influences.

The really interesting thing about this building is what happened to it after the state police left for better, newer digs. For awhile, its future was up in the air; the state struggled to find an owner who could afford to maintain the building, which had its share of problems when the police left. Finally, after trying to sell it, the state passed a law which passed ownership of the building to Livingston County; it was considered a victory for historic preservationists and Route 66 enthusiasts alike.

Some graffiti was noted during my visit, I guess it’s fun to vandalize the police station.

Despite the change in ownership, the building was still vacant when I visited last fall. It is going to take some work to get it up to par, besides the problems with plumbing and other issues the building already had, persistent vandalism will have to be cleaned up and prevented.

Online Resources

*Wikipedia: Illinois State Police Office (Pontiac) (by me)

*Illinois State Police Office: National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form

*Illinois State Police Office: Public Act 095-0388; transferred ownership of the building to Livingston County

*Illinois State Police District 6: Official website

Back to Sycamore tomorrow, then over to Lee County and Dixon, Illinois as we approach the day Ronald Reagan was born, and venture to learn a little more about our 40th President. (Note: I am not a Republican or a Reagan fan, but I am a history fan – those of you who know me, know this. We will return to Route 66 soon enough. Stay tuned.

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Becoming an Expert MS Access Database Programmer

Some people like to think that expert database programmers just sprout up out of the ground while the rest of us are left trying to fumble our way through the complexities of Visual Basic and Standard Query Language (SQL). But many of you may be shocked to find that these experts started out much like you and me. The difference? They found a way to go from confusion to understanding. I know that you are thinking to yourself, “Well that’s easy to say, but how can I become one of those individuals?” With a few tricks, some tinkering, and a little effort, you will be one step closer to reaching your goal.

The first thing to understand is that MS Access was created to be used by large companies and individuals. In other words, it can be as complex or as simple as the user desires. This allows the program to grow in complexity as your knowledge and skills increase.

The first step to becoming an Access expert is understanding that it WILL take some time to get comfortable with the program. That is why it is crucial to remain calm and not get frustrated. Learning becomes extremely difficult when we are frustrated or tense so let’s dismiss that from the picture immediately.

Once you are no longer frustrated, we can begin our lesson. One of the great things about MS Access is the help feature. Because Access was intended for individuals, the developers included an extensive help base with the software. To neglect making use of this feature would be unwise. The next great thing about MS Access is that it provides online help if you are unable to find what you are looking for in the included help file. This should be used after exhausting the included help feature.

If neither of these help features is working, I would suggest going to a popular search engine such as Google and typing a brief question about what you are trying to accomplish (e.g. “How to create MS Access queries in VB”). This has bailed me out of trouble many times when I was trying to do something very specific and could not find an answer in either help file mentioned above.

The next bit of advice that I can give you is this: don’t be afraid to tinker around. Most of my knowledge of database programming came from sitting in front of my computer screen during my free time. Trust me, it is time well spent. Not only will it help you solve your problem, but you will gain familiarity with the program and its features.

As a final piece of advice, I urge you to spend time every day “tinkering” with the program. Even if it is only for 10-15 minutes, the constant exposure will pay off in the long run. I find that going to the help feature and finding an article related to something I’m interested in learning how to do helps me immensely. With some practice and a little bit of time, you will undoubtedly become very efficient with your database programming.

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E-File Tax Return – Easy and Faster Way to File Tax Return

As there are online tax filing software and services are available, paying taxes has become easy and convenient. The IRS provides you with Free File tax preparation software that lets you do your taxes for free but the only thing is you need to qualify for it. Anyone whose income is less than $57,000 can be eligible for Free File program and file taxes for free. You can e-file your state or Federal tax return for free using online tax return services if you are not eligible for free file program offered by the IRS.

The IRS has introduced a fine option for doing taxes online. You can comfortably E-File Tax Return and pay for it later if you owe something on your income taxes. IRS e-file allows you to file both state and federal tax return online at the same time. This really makes the task function faster. The majority of the taxpayers have been choosing to file their return electronically because it is easier, faster, and convenient than paper filing process.

You can do taxes on your own because using online tax software because it is not as complex task as paper filing. It only requires filling out online forms using relevant information asked by the software. You can also claim certain tax deductions and credits using inbuilt deduction search tool in the software. Unlike paper filing, the whole process of doing taxes online is very simple. If you have access to internet and have free tax software, you can file your return from your home at anytime you please. In this way, online tax filing is really convenient and hassle-free option of paying taxes.

If you File Tax Return [] electronically before the deadline, the IRS may process your return file faster. The IRS service center has no reason to delay your return to get it processed if you e-file early. They do not have to spend time after getting your return file retyped if it is e-file. Moreover, you will get confirmation note of your file from the IRS within 48 hours. They also let you know about the reasons for rejection so that you can modify your return file and re-submit quickly. Paper filing does not have all these advantages. You can choose the direct deposit option to get your IRS refund. With this option, you can get your income tax refund in as few as just 10 days.

With online filing systems, you have no excuse to sit back and to procrastinate. So, you should better e-file your taxes choosing the direct deposit option for receiving fast tax refund.

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