Lofoten Norway – Scenic Attractions and Recreational Activities

Lofoten Norway is known for its marvelous and wonderful natural views. This archipelago has mountains, sea views, islands and reefs and it offers all the associated activities to give you recreational satisfaction. The bounties offered by Lofoten are jaw dropping and allows you to enjoy your holidays in an unforgettable manner. This article will share with you the best Lofoten Norway places with the most exotic natural scenes as well as the activities so that you won’t miss on anything:

The island of Moskenes

Your quest for a destination offering superb date with earth ends at Moskenes because of its natural elements. Upon your travel to Lofoten Norway, go for a boat trip between the Moskenesstrømmen, which is considered as the most fiercest and dangerous maelstroms. You will find the old traces of settlements during your journey to Lofoten Norway likewise huge Kollhellaren cave is situated in Refsvika. This cave is a coastal cave roughly 3000 year old.

Bird rocks

Lofoten Norway is popular for the nesting birds. You will find many seabirds in the islands, reefs and islets. The best of such islands is the island of Røst.

The fishing village of Nusfjord

Lofoten Norway is the hub of fishing and fishing villages are its specialty. You will find many relevant museums and to facilitate the tourists, the rorbu cabins are available for accommodation. This accommodation keeps you in touch with the traditional fishing culture. Nusfjord fishing village is unique in its every aspect allowing you to enjoy quite old and unique settlements.

Eggum and Unstad

At Eggum you can experience the nature by spending some time at the pebbled beach. This beach also offers midnight sun – one of the greatest Lofoten Norway attractions.

At Unstad you can enjoy surfing. In Autumn 1995, a tunnel was also inaugurated giving the tourists access to the village, enhancing their tour experience even further.


Lofoten Norway winter fishery season is a quite busy season. The hub of fishing activity during this season is Henningsvær. It offers best natural views with mountains presence and sea surroundings.

Now the activities; Lofoten Norway’s most famous activity is fishing. While fishing, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, attractive enough to keep you busy while you are waiting for the fish. Due to the presence of mountains you can enjoy hiking, biking and mountaineering. Other activities include rafting and golfing; rafting is for true adventurous people as it gives a truly exciting and heart throbbing experience. Whereas, golfing can be enjoyed with mid-night sun and beautiful natural scenery’s in the surrounding areas. Other than these activities you can also enjoy camping with the best camping sites having excellent facilities.

So now when you know where to touch the nature and what to do during your Lofoten Norway trip, get ready for the trip; just keep in mind the following:

Watch out for weather

Book accommodation well in advance, especially if you are going for Lofoten cabins

Take a guide book

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