5 Reasons to Learn Music Theory

If you thought music theory was a waste of time and not necessary to further your musical goals, then read these following 5 reasons why this is not true.

1.Read sheet music: Being able to play from any piece of sheet music. Well it may be hard to play BUT you can read it!

2.Be able to transpose: Say you are playing a piece from the sheet music you can now read but you think it sounds too high or too low, or just not right. Well now you can move it into a new key and play at a better singing.

3.Be able to modulate: You will be able to, with a few quick moves of the fingers, move your music into a new key with a succession of notes so pleasing to the ear it will bring a smile to your listeners faces.

4.It will increase your skill in improvising: Enough said.

5.Knowing music theory will help you recreate the sounds you enjoy in your favorite songs. Those fabulous chord progressions. The parts that give a song that certain sound. Gospel, Contemporary etc.

To learn music theory you don’t have to become a scholar on the subject. Just at least learn the basics. Getting a good music theory book and spending a few minutes a day reading from it and doing any included exercises can jump start your music playing.

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Active Recreation And Its Importance

Recreation can be defined as the refreshment of one’s mind or body through activity that amuses or stimulates.

Researches and findings have shown that recreational activities have health or mental benefits and help in the development of psychological and social tendencies of individuals. It could be passive or active or a combination of the two. In passive activities, the individual has less of a role to play in the process of recreation but rather engages in it partially without any stress.

Here the individual is a beneficially of an activity that is performed by others. Examples of passive recreation include enjoying a song, watching aerobics, watching a football match in a stadium or reading. This form of recreation rejuvenates and relieves tension. On the other hand, if the individual plays a major role in the activity. Examples of active recreation include playing ping pong, bicycling, running, brisk walking and playing basketball with friends and relatives.


1. Active which involves physical activities makes an individual less prone to obesity.

2. Active activities are excellent for elevating the heart rate.

3. It also helps to boost the immune system. Researches show that positive changes in the immune system occur during moderate exercise.

4. It increases positive moods.

5. Recreation and leisure activities can help alleviate depression.

6. Rest, relaxation and revitalization through recreation are essential in managing stress in today’s busy and demanding world.

7. This type of activity is a medium in which participants can gain personal life satisfaction.

Take the work load off this holiday season and get involved in these activities, the health benefits are rewarding.

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Healthy Eating Plan to Reduce Weight

You can learn to follow a healthy eating plan to reduce weight. This means you are going to have to eat differently. This change may not be easy for you to make. However, it is absolutely necessary. The following is a good plan to get you started toward your goal of weight loss.

Find a healthy eating plan to reduce weight. You will want to make your overall diet healthier. A way to do this is by eating more plant-based foods. These include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You should also eat foods that are good sources of protein, such as beans, lentils, and soy. Eat lean instead of fatty meats. Seafood is a good choice two times per week. Do not eat so much salt or sugar. There are many low-fat products from which to choose. Healthy sources of fat might be nuts, granola, and nut oils. Do not try the crash diet approach. Seek to have an overall healthier diet. You are much more likely to follow such a plan for the long term.

A pyramid plan is a chart which visually displays foods you can eat and in what portions. If you use such a plan, there is no severe food restriction. You will experience no extreme hunger and you can use such a plan for the rest of your life. At the base of the pyramid are fruits and vegetables. You may consume a large amount of these. The rest of the pyramid has healthy foods you should eat in moderation. These are foods with whole grain carbohydrates. Lean sources of protein are on the chart, too. These include legumes, fish, low-fat dairy products, and heart-healthy unsaturated fats.

Following a healthy eating plan to reduce weight may be difficult. Changing eating habits is not always easy, but it can be done. Consult your doctor, He or she can help you come up with a reasonable strategy for success. Stay focused on your goal of weight reduction.

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What Does an Architect Do Versus an Interior Design Firm?

Many people who are considering doing some redecoration are forced to make the decision whether to hire an architect or an interior design firm. The truth is, these two careers can overlap in many ways, but there are some important differences. Before making a decision which type of professional to hire you should determine your needs and do some research to find out what kind of professional would serve you best.


An architect is an individual who is trained and licensed in the planning and designing of buildings who also supervises the construction. Architects are responsible for adhering to public safety and building codes, so a license is required to practice architecture. Generally, architects award their building projects to general contractors who complete the building process under the supervision of the architect.

Interior Design Firm

Interior design involves applying creative and technical solutions to a building or structure to achieve the desired interior environment. These solutions are both functional and aesthetic serving to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants and to be aesthetically attractive. The design process involves research and planning in addition to the integration of design knowledge in order to satisfy the needs of a client. Interior designers draw upon the concepts of product design, architecture, and environmental psychology in order to create the atmosphere and design the client wishes to achieve.

The difference between an architect and an interior design firm can be simplified so much as to say that architects work with building structure and interior designers work with building decoration. The lines are not always so well-defined, however. Many architects also possess design degrees and many interior designers are also trained in the disciplines of architecture. Depending on the project, hiring a professional who possesses both qualifications may be exceedingly useful. Projects which involve extensive redecorating or construction may require the license and legal knowledge of an architect in addition to the design knowledge of an interior design firm. The answer to the question of what an architect does versus what an interior design firm does cannot always be answered simply because in many cases, these professionals are capable of the same things.

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Data Science: The Bankable Career Option of the Era

And why not? Making a career in data science will not just be fruitful but also challenging. Challenging because there is a lot to discover in this field and every project will be an adventure ready to be unfolded.

Data science already has market revenue of $2.71 billion and it is expected to touch $20 billion marks by 2025. And if this rate of progress continues, one can only imagine the number of opportunities in near future.


Whenever there is a lot of data, humans try to make sense out of them. Before it used to be looking at them and derives relationships and patterns out of it, just like observing a graph. Now it is about using several tools and techniques to poke around the data and find meaningful insights which can be proven. These insights help in understanding past trends, analyze the present and predict the future.

Data science includes several areas of expertise:

  • Data engineering and warehousing: These steps often include sourcing, managing and storing of the data into an accessible form.
  • Data mining and statistical analysis: Here the data is explored and visualized using statistical models. This makes it easy to understand the patterns hidden in the data and where and how it is relevant in decision making.
  • Machine learning: This is the most important step in analytics. That is to create algorithms using the combed data, using programming and data models. This helps in creating systems which can understand a problem and give predictions based on it.
  • Data interpretation and presentation: This part involves using business acumen and industry knowledge. So that one can explain when and where the data inferences can be used and how it can help in strategic decision making.


Data scientists are professionals who are responsible for collecting and analyzing raw data, which helps in taking a decision and predictive modeling. Data scientists need to have mathematical, statistical, programming and analytical problem-solving skills. And along with technical skills, one should have business skills too, to understand problems and find a solution to it.

One of the most important components of one’s behavior should be of inquisitiveness. If one is curious enough, then one can see problems that no one else can comprehend and will be determined to find a solution to it like a detective.

Responsibilities of a data scientist:

  • Conduct open-ended research.
  • Frame relative questions on the matter.
  • Collect the massive amount of data and clean the data of all its gaps.
  • Explore the data from all its angles to understand its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyze the data using algorithms and statistical models to answer the asked questions.
  • Build tools and algorithms for automation.
  • Communicate the results and recommend a useful and effective solution.


You can pursue data science, even if you are a student or an experienced professional. Like it is said it’s never too late for anything. You can be a mathematics graduate, a software engineer, a statistician or even masters in economics; you can enter data science as an analyst, programmer, data engineer or architect etc.

One needs to take up data science as their master’s discipline or do a certification course, learn all technical and business skills. And most importantly have a researching and analytical outlook.

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Forex Auto Trade Software – Effective Criteria When Choosing One

Before purchasing a forex auto trade software, you need to find out what functional features the software contains. To help you out, there are certain criteria you need to look at and this will be outlined in the short article below.

If you are trading forex, you will definitely be interested in a solution to help you do all the manual work of trading so that the trading activities can be carried out when you sleep, work or any other activities you are doing. Of course there are different forex auto trade software available that can assist you greatly in the forex trading.

In this modern world, forex traders are finding that these forex trading software which uses trading platforms of industry standard are becoming very useful in the forex trade. With these software, all traders, whether beginners or experienced, are able to maximize their revenues and profit. However, due to the abundance of such software available in the market, consumers are getting confused and wonder which one can provide the best results. To help you out, here are the criteria that you need to look at before choosing one.

Firstly, the forex auto trade software must have a demo account for consumers so that they can get hands on with the software in order to get familiar on how the market works. This will allow them to practice forex trading without actual money involved. With the experience gained and when anyone is ready for the real trade, they can gradually enter the market with the real money. This will ensure gaining maximum profit and losing minimum if things turn bad.

Secondly, features must be available with the software for one to make any necessary parameters adjustments. This will ensure that the forex software will work according to one’s trading style for optimal performance and profits.

Thirdly, the forex auto trade software must have a mathematical modeling tool to ensure having a better market analysis. Whether the decision made to invest will be successful will depend on how good the software can analyze and make the decision based on mathematical figures, trends and market history. Therefore, it should not rely on emotions and hunches to make profit.

Fourthly, ensure that the software posses an integrated money management system for better sound decision making in the investment. This will help to ensure maximum profitability or minimum loss in the event of unfavorable market.

Last of all, ensure the forex auto trade software is compatible with Meta Trader 4. This is widely known and used as the trading platform for trading like futures, forex and CFD markets.

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A Basic Understanding of Medicare, Medigap, Medicare Supplement and Advantage Plans

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for people who are 65 and older and for people with certain disabilities. There are four parts of Medicare which provide medical and prescription drug coverage.

Hospital Insurance (Part A)

Medicare Part A includes care in hospitals as inpatient, critical access hospitals (these are small facilities that give limited outpatient and inpatient services to people in rural areas), skilled nursing facilities, hospice care and some home health care. If you are entitled to Part A, there is no monthly or annual insurance premium charge. There may be a charge for most health care services.

Medical Insurance (Part B)

Medicare Part B pays for doctor’s services, outpatient hospital care and some other medical services that Part A doesn’t cover, such as the services of physical and occupational therapists as well as some home health care. Part B helps pay for these covered services and supplies when they are medically necessary. If you are enrolled in Part B, you must pay a monthly premium, which is typically deducted directly from your Social Security check.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)

Under Medicare Part C, the federal government contracts with private insurance companies to administer Medicare benefits through Medicare Advantage plans. Participation in a Medicare Advantage plan is optional and available to Medicare beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and B. With Medicare Part C, you generally pay lower co-payments and get additional benefits such as coverage for extra days in the hospital, though this will vary depending upon the plan.

Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D)

In addition to hospital and doctor insurance, you also have the option to purchase Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D), which helps you cover your prescription costs. This prescription drug benefit is voluntary, but if you don’t enroll when you first become eligible, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty if you choose to sign up at a later date. You can get Part D coverage by itself or as part of a Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Music Download News

The music download industry keeps evolving, as more players enter the game and alliances are formed within a blink of an eye. We’re all aware of AT&T partnering with giant Apple Inc. to promote the iPhone, which of course uses iTunes for its ringtone capabilities. As more mobile phones encompass multimedia functions, the music and telecommunications industries are realizing their unfolding opportunities to meld together.

AT&T and Napster, one of the original music download services, are joining together and providing direct download capabilities, according to CNNMoney. In an effort to avoid mobile-to- PC connections to transfer music files, direct downloads are growing in popularity. More mobile phone owners are using their cell phones as MP3 players, not to mention the added benefit of using downloads as ringtones.

Similarly, in Australia, Nokia is stepping up to the plate in music downloads, providing free Wi-Fi zones for Nokia Nseries customers. They plan to launch a music download service of their own sometime this year, and with their free Wi-Fi campaign, more and more Australian-based Nokia users will be more apt to try it out come launch time.

Telecommunications companies and mobile phone service providers aren’t the only ones switching up the music download industry. Amazon’s newest service, AmazonMP3, is offering lower prices on individual songs and albums than some of their competitors, such as iTunes.

Their 2-million some music collection stands out in that its music files are DRM-free and iTunes and Windows Multimedia Player-compatible. Though competition amongst music download providers is inevitable, anyone with a mobile phone or MP3 player will continue to be exposed to countless options.

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Recovery for Co Participants Injured in Outdoor Sporting Activities in Michigan

The question I address here is what happens when a co participant in an outdoor sporting activity injuries or kills someone while engaged in that activity? An accident can occur in a vast array of activities such as golfing, dirt bike riding, skiing or hunting.

The lead case concerning recovery for outdoor sporting activities in Michigan was decided in 1999. In that case, the court granted leave to consider the appropriate standard of care for those involved in recreational activities. The court ruled that co participants in recreational activities owe each other a duty not to act recklessly.

Hypothetically, let’s consider the case where someone is injured while skating. The Midwest contains numerous ice rinks open to the public for skating. The question is what is the liability of someone who is inexperienced and knocks down while skating backwards causing serious injury to the innocent victim. The victim in this situation could would allege that the defendant was skating backwards in a “careless, reckless, and negligent manner” at the time of the collision.

The Michigan Courts will have to consider the appropriate standard of care for those involved in the specific recreational activity. In this case it is open public skating. Consequently, under Michigan Law co participants in skating activities owe each other a duty not to act recklessly.So, we are left with a valid argument that an inexperience skater in a crowded public rink should not be skating backwards under any circumstances. Therefore the defendant is acting recklessly. The defendant could easily counter that while inexperienced she is practicing and learning in a reasonable manner. Obviously this creates a question of fact after all the information and fact are developed in discovery.

The Michigan courts supply little guidelines where individuals engage in recreational or sports activities. The case law generally assumes there is an ordinary risk in each activity and that plaintiffs cannot recover for any injury unless it can be shown that the other participant’s actions were either ‘reckless’ or ‘intentional’. In other states where assumption of the risk has been abolished, some courts have held that a participant “consents” to conduct normally associated with the activity. In that case an injured party must look very closely at the expectations of the parties to each activity.

The Michigan Courts adopted a reckless misconduct as the minimum standard of care for co participants in recreational activities. The court found that this standard most accurately reflects the actual expectations of participants in recreational activities. However, in this writers opinion, the only way to apply this standard is to go into the intricacies of each sporting activity. Thus, each sport will have different standards and rules. Additionally there is an issue of the relative experience of each person involve in the activity.

The Michigan courts have stated they believe that participants in recreational activities do not expect to sue or be sued for mere carelessness. Although that is true to an extent, you also don’t expect to go out for some sporting fun and come home disabled or seriously injured.

The Michigan courts further conclude that a recklessness standard somehow encourage vigorous participation in recreational activities, while still providing protection from egregious conduct. Finally the Michigan court concludes this standard lends itself to common-sense application by both judges and juries.

I believe this decision is wrong and somewhat disturbing. I do not agree with the court. Consider the case of an injured hunter. I believe that if people knew the law on hunting in Michigan they may choose not to participate in a multiple group hunting event. A co participant could easily be shot by an inexperienced hunter in their group. The inexperienced hunter could be violating a basic rule of hunting such as swinging on game. There are several basic rules of firearm hunting that could be violated causing serious injury. The question is whether this should be considered negligence or reckless conduct for purposes of civil liability.

Additionally what happens when a hunter is injured by a hunter that is not in the same party of the victim? Is this random hunter considered a co participant even though they are not in the same group of hunters. What is the standard of care of this random hunter?

Thus, when confronted with the question of a serious injury or wrongful death of a co participant hunter, the question is how do you prove that the shooter was reckless in his behavior versus just negligent? In other words, what is the conduct in Michigan and other jurisdictions that is normally acceptable and associated with hunting. Conversely, what is considered reckless and unacceptable conduct while hunting.

In considering the facts of a hunting accident or a wrongful death, what conduct would be considered an accident and what would be considered reckless? If the hunter injures or kills a co participant because he mistakes him for an animal, is his conduct negligent or reckless? What was the shooters position when he fired the shot? What is the shooters level of experience? Should the training and experience of the hunter be a factor in determine the ultimate issue of liability?

The answer to all these questions is that the jury will have to decide for themselves based upon the facts of the hunting accident as presented by both the remaining co participants and the accident reconstruction by the police and retained experts. Certainly an argument could be made that anyone who is shot or killed by another hunter was the victim of reckless conduct.

In a hunting accident, what if the hunter becomes confused or forgets about the location of the victim when he fired the wayward shot. Consequently, the victim can argue it is always the responsibility of every hunter to know the location of his co participants before he or she fires a shot. Certainly there is a forceful argument that this is reckless conduct.

An expert witness in firearms and forensics would be an important witness in proving your case. Every case will have multiple moving parts as well issues related to gun safely and DNR regulations. In other words, did the hunter violate any safety principles established by the State of Michigan Hunter Education Program? Specifically, was there a lack of establishing or coordinating a safe zone of fire in this case? That is, the area in which a hunter can shoot safely. For instance, did the hunter fail to maintain the whereabouts of co participants placing them at risk of injury or death. In my opinion, it is reckless to fire a weapon at stationary or moving target when standing behind another co participant while shooting at game.

The conclusion of the expert in a hunting accident case is critical. The expert will base their conclusion upon years of experience and forensic scientific testing. The expert should have extensive understanding of “terminal ballistics” (the point from which a projectile makes contact with an object).

For instance, what is the path of a bullets flight? Was the shot and view un-obstructed prior to striking the victim? What is the type of ammunition used when it struck the victim? What is the muzzle velocity in terms of traveling feet per second? What was the condition of the bullet when it was retrieved from the victim. Was it a disfigured entry shape while entering the victim or was it an unobstructed shot?

What happens when a shooter is suffering from a sickness? In other words, what is the hunters general physical condition? Should that hunter be precluded from participating in dangerous sport like hunting because of his physical condition?

A jury would have to look at this evidence and determine whether this was a contributing factor to the hunting accident. Did the hunter make a mistake in participating in the trip? Is that participation alone enough to be considered reckless or merely negligent.

Was the at fault hunter taking medication? What are the known effects of the medication? The question is whether the shooter should have been hunting at all that day? If he was on medication that affects his judgment or makes him drowsy then he had no business handling firearms and hunting. The drugs may explain a hunters confusion about the location of the victim at the time he fired the lethal shot. Alternatively, the drugs may alter the hunters perception of his surroundings.

You can argue they failed to establish and coordinate a safe zone of fire. Another rule they violated is never shoot unless you know exactly what your shot is going to strike. Also, before you fire you must be sure that your bullet will not injure anyone or anything beyond his target. Also, it is imperative that you are know the position of your co participants before you shoot.

The expert witness you choose should conduct scientific testing to determine the angle of the shot and the safety factors. A safe direction means a direction in which a bullet cannot possibly strike anyone, taking into account that bullets can penetrate walls and ceilings. The safe direction may be “up” on some occasions or “down” on others, but never at anyone or anything not intended as a target.

Conversely, there could be hunting accidents that result from negligence of the injured party and not reckless conduct. This could result from the co participants jointly agreeing to hunt in dangerous proximity to each other. Additionally the hunters could agree to stay out after dark or hunt in a rugged and rocky area. A gun could be innocently misfired as a result of a defect.

The bottom line is that the court may very well apply the ordinary negligence standard based on the facts of your case. Here is how I would make my argument in the case of a hunter injured by a co participant. I would explain to the court it cannot reasonably be argued that part of the inherent risk of hunting is that your co participant will shoot you, right. Hunting accidents can occur if someone drops a gun or accidentally pulls the trigger, but you do not take the inherent risk that a co participant intentionally stands behind you and fires at game in your direction. If that was the case, no reasonable person would ever go hunting.

It is easy to argue that a hunter violated numerous basic rules of hunting that leads to the conclusion his conduct was reckless when he or she shoots a co participant. It may be much more difficult to argue a different sporting activity such as baseball requires a negligence standard. Thus, each sport should be viewed in the context and goals of that specific activity.

My review of most factors in a hunting accident case, but not all cases, lead me to believe that the negligence standard should be applied instead of recklessness.

In a recent case concerning a golf cart injury the Michigan opened the door to consider factors other than applying just a strict recklessness standard. The Michigan courts ruled the standard of care for the operation of a golf cart is not reckless misconduct but it is ordinary negligence.This makes sense because a co participant in a golf match does not expect to get run over by a golf cart. Arguably, golf carts are not part of the game. This is despite the fact that golf carts are certainly part of the operation of the course and players.

Consider the case where a co participant takes a shot to get his ball on the green, then inadvertently drives his golf cart in the direction of a co participant thinking that they are heading in the other direction. The golf cart driver then strikes and injures his co participant. the driver of the cart will claim his action is only a reasonable mistake or accident. Certainly the driver looked to see if there was anyone in front of the cart and he saw no one.

The golf cart accident resulting in injuries presents an issue of first impression in Michigan. Obviously, the parties were, without dispute, co participants in a recreational activity. Thus, the Michigan courts should find co participants in recreational activities owe each other a duty not to act recklessly.

So under the previous rulings the golf cart accident resulted in co participant conduct that causes injury during a recreational activity must meet the reckless misconduct standard.

Likewise, even though numerous golf-related cases in Michigan and other jurisdictions have applied the reckless misconduct standard to a participant who was injured by a golf ball or a club, it appears the court is now softening it position. The Michigan court is now saying that a driver of an injury-causing golf cart during a game of golf can be held to any standard other than ordinary negligence.

The logic is that the rules of the game of golf, and secondary sources, allows the court to conclude that golf-cart injuries are not a risk inherent in the game of golf. Consequently, they should not be held to a reckless misconduct standard, instead of an ordinary negligence standard, applies in this case.

Additionally, the rationale for this position seems to indicate that a reckless misconduct standard shall be applied in all cases that seem to involve conduct arising from a recreational activity. However, the court is not supplying the standard broadly as applying to all ‘recreational activities.’ However, the precise scope of this rule is best established by allowing it to emerge on a case-by-case basis, so that we might carefully consider the application of the recklessness standard in various factual contexts.”

The courts must look at the definition of Inherent risk which is defined similarly by both legal and lay dictionaries:

1. A risk that is necessarily entailed in a given activity and involves dealing with a situation that carries a probability of loss unless action is taken to control or correct it. 2. A fairly common risk that people normally bear whenever they decide to engage in a certain activity.

A risk is inherent in an activity if the ordinary participant would reasonably consent to the risk, and the risk cannot be tailored to satisfy the idiosyncratic needs of any particular participant like the plaintiff.

There seems to be an opening to argue that negligence standard may apply in the case of a hunting accident. Although hunters have guns I do not believe for one minute that a co participant assumes there is a natural risk he will be shot by the other hunter. However, I still am of the opinion that when one hunter shoots a co participant that hunter acted recklessly.

Based on the rationale behind the Michigan courts recent findings, there is a possibility that the jury may be instructed on the ordinary care standard under the circumstances of certain cases. That is to say the standard of care of a reasonable hunter under the circumstances or a skater or skier in Michigan.

So, the question is how to present the argument that the standard of care in your outdoor co participant sporting activity should be negligence instead of recklessness to the court?

Whether it is the reckless standard or negligence standard it is a question of fact for the jury.The burden of proof of either standard is by a preponderance of the evidence in either case. A jury will likely find a hunter that shoots a co participant reckless rather than negligent.

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Healthy Food to Eat

Healthy food to eat is available for most people. Unfortunately, too many folks choose to ignore good healthy food and consume the worst foods to eat at every meal and snack.

Healthy Diets For Teens

Good health foods that meet the daily nutritional needs of teenagers also meet children nutritional needs as well as those of adults. In other words, everyone needs raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains.

These essential foods must be included in any healthy diet plan you formulate or adopt.

Any healthy diet plan must include at least five servings of raw vegetables and fresh fruit per day. Realistically, you should eat much more of these healthy foods per day but that is the minimum.

Sources of protein such as beef, chicken, fish, or eggs should be consumed in small amounts. Envision a piece about the size of a deck of playing cards and that is approximately the correct amount you need per day of these foods.

Inexpensive Healthy Recipes

Many tasty recipes can be made from good cheap food. Healthful food choices do not have to be expensive.

When preparing a healthy diet menu you should include mostly unprocessed foods. This keeps the costs low while offering the greatest variety of nutrients as nature intended.

As you can see, healthy food to eat is all around us. Raw vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grains are readily available in most developed countries. It is up to you to choose the best foods to eat to keep yourself and your family healthy.

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